Spiritual Counsel and Spirit Communication
Unsolved Cases, Missing and Murdered Persons

Peter has worked with unsolved cases of murder, missing persons, and other criminal activity.

Families have used Peter's services to find answers, new leads, find solutions, and create some level of peace and resolve in such tragic times. Some information clients share with authorities, while others are held in strict personal confidence depending on the circumstances involved. 

Peter has also focused on working with cases of missing murdered and Indigenous women, simply due to the staggering number of cases among Canadian communities.

Clients can choose to bring personal items of the individual in question for face to face consultations. Online readings are facilitated via Skype or by phone. A photo of the individual in 
question can also be forwarded to assist the level of connection and focus. 

Please note all consultations must be booked ahead of time, please contact 
Peter to book your session prior to payment of any kind.

I contacted Peter Wolf on behalf of family member, Mandy Thompson, after she went missing in 
February 2017 in Barrie, Ontario. After the search was called off and a year had gone by with no success in finding her, the family was desperate. Peter gave very specific details in where she would be found, in a wooded area, close to an open area, and a public road. He saw a large concrete storm drain or pipe, and a black and white sign with a number 5, among other specific details. He said she would be found. The information was passed on to the Ontario Provincial Police. After a spring thaw, a hunter found Mandy’s body in a wooded area beside a large open golf course, and a public road with a large concrete storm drain/pipe going under the road. There was a black and white sign on the road with a large black 5 on it. I was so impressed with Peter’s accuracy, I consulted with him again when 3 year old Kaden Young was pulled away from his mother’s arms, in the Grand River in Ontario in February, 2018. After two months of searching for his body with no success, I consulted with Peter Wolf a second time. Peter said once the seasons turned, he would be found. He said the search party had gone too far looking in Belwood Lake. He said Kaden’s body was around the bend in the river before the lake. He said to look for a debris field by the embankment of the river. Peter also mentioned the body was close to a trail of some kind with a sign of a deer, and tall hydro electric poles or towers, and close to a housing area but not within it. Peter said the body traveled far but the area had been overlooked, they had gone too far and the search party needed to back track. He insisted the body was not in the lake but the river.The information was passed on to the search party. After the last ice storm on the weekend of April 14, 15, 2018 and just as the season turned, bringing warm spring weather on the weekend of April 20, 21, Kaden’s small body was found. Kaden was found by a fisherman around the bend in the river before Belwood Lake under a bridge on the embankment of the river, in a debris field. There was a Conservation Trail very close to the area and a deer sign. He was found close to, but not in a housing area, and the land surrounding the bridge was lined with hydro electric poles. Kaden had traveled far, 14 km downstream from his hometown, beyond where the search party was looking, and they needed top backtrack to his location. Kaden was found exactly when and how Peter said he would be. 
I highly recommend the services of Peter Wolf, if you are trying to locate a missing person. He was a pleasure to work with, very sympathetic to the plight of the families involved, and accurate with the information he gave. 
Catherine Crow, Barrie, Ontario

Peter Wolf CHt.
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