"I was graciously, lovingly and certainly guided through to new discoveries about myself and how I've chosen to live my life.  I was able to shed and release long held beliefs that no longer serve me.  I am totally free to live the life I choose on my terms.  Thank you!  An uplifting experience".
~Tracy Ohman

"In my experience working with Peter and observing him I have found him to be a man with a gentle and caring nature. He has a quiet way of expressing himself and demonstrates a noticeable deep and underlying passion for the human condition and the ways of the world around us. He articulates a true understanding of how "everything is connected" and I feel he will continue to impart this knowledge in a realistic and meaningful way".
~Anne More

"Peter has represented many roles in my life. My admiration and respect for his creative abilities have placed Peter in my life as a mentor and a teacher. I learned a great deal artistically from Peter but also his sensibilities towards life and the nature of people have evoked a strength of spirituality rarely experienced in today's world".
~Georgia F. Morgan

"Peter Wolf has helped my family and I cope with abuse, 
and major loss. When I first met Peter, I was working 
full time as a Drama teacher raising two teenagers as 
a single mother and taking care of a terminally ill mother. 
My father passed away one year earlier, a victim of lung 
cancer. As well, my daughters and I were being stalked 
by a disturbed young man who announced he was going 
on a shooting rampage similar to the incident at Columbine. 
At this deeply distressing time in our lives, Peter helped us to find balance amid chaos, courage among fear and hope for a positive future. Peter truly helps those whom he counsels to produce their own solutions after guiding them through a meaningful reflective process. He is a true facilitator who stimulates discussion, analysis and thoughtful reflection. He is wise, perceptive and challenging far beyond his years. Peter asks the right questions that help people face and deal with their issues".
~Jane Sererus - Retired Drama Head, and Assistant Head of English

"My name is Rachelle and I am 17 years old. I have suffered from panic and 
anxiety for over 5 years and it has been very difficult. When I was in grade nine 
I quit school because I continued to feel sick and depressed. I wasn't sure 
what was happening to me and it was very scary. Finally after seeing many 
doctors, it was discovered that I was suffering from an anxiety disorder that 
had severely affected my life. I did not want to be around anyone, I lost all 
of my friends, I could not go to parties, shopping, restaurants and even had 
a hard time going to sleep. I started seeing Peter Wolf and this experience 
has changed my life. I am now able to talk to people, walk into a store by myself 
and not feel scared and lonely all the time. Little things that people do everyday 
was very difficult for me, but now because of Peter, I am able to enjoy life and know 
that I can meet the goals I have always dreamed of, like becoming a veterinarian technician.  
I know that I will always have to deal with my disorder, but Peter's hypnosis has given me ways 
to strengthen my ability to be stronger and work through these difficulties.  
I cannot thank Peter enough for all of his help".
~Rachelle A.
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