"It is extremely difficult to put into words the impact of this weekend.  I can honestly say that Peter and the facilitators, in their own unique way, were able to touch each and every one of us.  They have an amazing ability to get to the root of the problem in a limited amount of time.  Two and a half days with Peter in this group environment could easily be the equivalent of years of one-on-one counselling.  We all came away changed for the better.  I feel so much gratitude to Peter for his gift and to the other participants for allowing me to be a part of their very personal journey.  It was a truly amazing weekend!"
~Joanne Pilkey

"Your focus determines your actions.  I set forth from my home and focused my intention to connect my self with my self.  With Peter's help, I found where the pieces fit in the puzzle that is my life".
~Bob Tobin

"Truly a dynamic and inspiring workshop.  It amazed me that such change occurs in such a short time.  Peter you are amazing, thank you".
~Cris Speciale

"An incredibly simple and ancient process that enables 
an individual to look within and open up to new life, 
hope, and many possibilities.  
A definite journey everyone should take".
~Maria Crelier

"I arrived at the workshop beaten up, walked over and made
 to feel invisible.  I am leaving taller than the trees, bigger than the
lake, and loving myself more than I could ever imagine".
~Jeff Anley

"Peter's compassion, knowledge and unique personality make him a phenomenal leader and counsellor.  The workshop was without a doubt worth every penny.  I loved it and we plan to take it again.  Thank you".
~Una Wright

"This experience is truly life altering.  Everyone should sign up now!  
I feel I am looking at life with a new set of eyes.  Prior to the workshop 
I found no pleasure when looking to the future, now I feel a new door 
has been opened.  Thank you!!!"
~Gabriela Masek 
Spiritual Counsel and Spirit Communication

Peter Wolf CHt.
Spirit Communication
& Holistic Therapy