"Peter, I  cannot thank-you enough for all that you taught me during the Journey Intensive weekend. I have delayed sending my letter as I have attended many seminars over the years that get you motivated and excited but the outcomes never seem to last. I can honestly say that not only has the learning lasted, but also the changes I have made in my life have been completely transforming. I feel like a completely different person than the one who walked through those doors a few months ago. The clarity that I have gained, the ability to express myself and the acceptance of who I was born to be is truly remarkable. I have never experienced anything that could be so life altering in such a short period of time. Everyone should have to participate in this workshop...it should be a mandatory part of living. You made it truly inspiring and educating and I thank you for helping me to reconnect with me!" 
~Sherri Skeans

"Just a quick note to express my deep gratitude for all that you helped me to see, feel and heal over the weekend in your amazing course. I can honestly say that I have never felt the overwhelming feeling of love, truth and trust that I felt before, during, and after the journeying process with you. Your wisdom and compassion were evident in every moment and in every word whether spoken or unspoken. I feel honored to have been gently guided by you to re-claim my own Truth, POWER, and Wisdom. Today I stand taller, feel stronger and somehow have sprouted wings to fly!"
~With gratitude and love, Cathy Gureckus

"I am proud and thankful to be witness to the awesome
 power of "the Journey."
~Brenda Nolan

"If you feel something is missing in your life, take this 
workshop without asking what it is about.  Take a breath and leap."
~Paul Graham

"I had a great experience through the weekend because it was a 
spiritual journey that helped me to put love back into my heart."
~Helena Cao 

"I leave this weekend lighter and stronger, with more confidence 
in how wonderful my true joyful self is, and feeling accepted by 
many special people.  Thank you"
~Gail Blondon

 "Thanks so much for an absolutely incredible journey!  I feel so 
much more in tune with myself and I feel as though a very significant 
part of a puzzle has been finally completed.  I understand a lot more 
of why I've felt so "unsafe" all of these years now more than ever.  
I feel so relieved and ready to live the life I most definitely was meant to live."
~Maria Gonyea 
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