Individual readings and consultations are geared to your specific needs and guides. Peter has a natural ability to read the energy of people, spirit guides, and those who have crossed over. As a general rule Peter believes what is communicated is based on what is needed, and there is no control over who chooses to communicate.

Peter has been involved in psychic work involving missing persons, as well as other unsolved cases.

Your readings are a process is an alternative to traditional psychic readings in that your future is not the only form of information revealed. It is an experience identifying beliefs and direction, providing you with supports for your individual happiness, and fulfillment.

By connecting with animal spirits and your guides, the process becomes a unique experiential bonding. This process creates a kinship between you and animals that you can experience daily, as well as an uncommon kinship and reciprocity with regular spirit communication.

You will experience a down-to-earth approach of rediscovering your own unique instinctive direction. You can utilize, recognize, and enhance our own natural talents and abilities; while reclaiming your personal value and importance. 

These readings are offered in person in Peter's Edmonton 
Alberta location, or via phone or Skype.

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Spiritual Counsel and Spirit Communication

Peter Wolf CHt.
Spirit Communication
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