Introduction to Journeying:   
Workshops are booked on request

Experience, explore and excite in this experiential full-day workshop. You will connect with your own spirit animals that ​ symbolically stood alongside mankind as messengers and guides throughout history. Your emblematic messengers have served as harbingers of traits, values and morality we all as humans aspire to achieve. This makes animals some of the most powerful aspects in our spiritual evolution. You will be 
introduced to the sacred historic process of learning to connect and communicate with them. This
powerful Shamanic process can aid and assist in the simplest to the most
trying times. You will begin to recognize how you have never faced life
alone and will always have powerful guides at your side. Awaken your
intuition and connection to spirit first hand, while learning sacred tools. 

Animal totems play huge roles in our lives. They aid in self-discovery 
giving us incredible avenues of self-expression and awareness. These 
symbols and guides walk through life with us teaching and guiding 
each individual; they even protect us.

Additionally, our totems can greatly assist us in 
understanding our past and present and even 
reveal our future

You will learn:
• How to determine your totem, connect and 
  communicate with them
• To apply the skills and adaptive abilities of your totem
   to your own life environment
• To value and the incredible significance within the smallest 
   of everyday circumstances


Peter Wolf CHt.
Spirit Communication
& Holistic Therapy
"The experience is truly life altering".    
...Gabriela Masek

"I'm amazed that such change occurs in such a short time".   
...Cristina Speciale 

"I am leaving taller than the trees, bigger than the lake and loving myself more than I could ever imagine".   
...Jeff Anley

"Truly an inspiring & dynamic workshop".  
...Cristina Speciale

"I am farther along my path than I ever could have imagined."   
...D. Irwin

"I'm totally free to live the life I choose on my terms."
...Tracy Ohman
Spiritual Counsel and Spirit Communication