Peter Wolf CHt.
Spirit Communication
& Holistic Therapy
Spiritual Counsel and Spirit Communication

When we are conscious, awake during the day, our minds are full of 
thoughts, schedules, idea, egos, fears, and goals. Our conscious 
minds follow the patterns we program into our lives. We choose to 
follow what we think, based on what rests inside, we can hide it 
away and often put forward the mask daily life requires.

When we sleep, we are fully subconscious. Any mask 
we choose, or any emotion we consciously avoid, 
cannot be held dormant in our sleep. What rests in 
our minds and hearts, and within our soul, speaks
most clear when our minds are no longer in 
the way.

Our dreams speak to us, often simply, 
sometimes scary, weird, funny, 
bizarre, and profound. To 
unravel the symbolic 
road-map of our dreams is 
to connect to what calls to 
you, and guides you. Is it a 
connection to self as much as 
it is a connection to your guides
that assist you every moment 
of the day.

Repetitive dreams, nightmares, a 
dream that makes you feel, awakens
you in the night, or just a dream that 
seems to remain in your mind. 
...It is all there for a reason. 

Listen, learn, live. 

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Dream sessions are facilitated by phone or face to face.


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