Holistic spirituality is about practical purpose and action 
through genuine direction. It is about more than 
reconnecting, its about healing and and creating 
strength through fundamental core belief. 

There are six natural human needs, two of which we all share. 
We all seek to be validated and accepted as we are, we all 
seek to love and to be loved. There is no expression in the
world more pure than that of spirit, nature and our spirit guides.

What if you could step aside and see yourself through the eyes 
of those that love you? What if your spirit guides are showing you
everything you need to know? What if they are guiding you every
moment of every day? What if nature itself in its purest form
would give it's life for you, just so you know how valuable you are.

All life in nature has purpose, a perfect harmony with its surroundings
...including you

"Totem" is defined as: "A natural object, usually an animal that 
serves as a distinctive, often venerated emblem or symbol – usually 
a means of personal or spiritual identity."

All totem animals, or spirit animals, and spirit guides surround us and
present themselves to us for precisely this purpose, at any given moment.
All spirit guides show us our distinctive individual identity and purpose.
They answer our questions, display our lessons, guide our future, and
tell us where we have been, why, and where we are going.

What do your guides have to say to you?

Spiritual Counsel and Spirit Communication

Peter Wolf CHt.
Spirit Communication
& Holistic Therapy

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